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Sea Legs
Pun about Sea Legs
World Record
It's a New World Record, a fantastic pun design.
Great White Minimalism
Great White Shark in a Minimalistic Style
A Natural Sound
This design was based on the phrase "A Natural Sound", I began with inspiration from the Disney Snow White animated film, and how the forest was always singing and moving to music.
Hello Dolly!
Forrest Gumby
The Flash
Bottle Rocket
Adobe Creative Jam Design
Our design for the Adobe #CreativeJam tonight in Santa Fe. We were robbed of the trophy but still had fun! Would you have voted for it?? The theme was "The Space Between"
Designed for Wizard World's Comic Con Box
My High School
I was feeling nostalgic a few days ago and opted to illustrate my old high school chapel.
Dole Whip
Inspired by my favorite theme park treat, the Dole Whip at Disneyland. I deisgned this for my wife and I to wear on a recent trip to disneyland.
Magical Minimalism
Just a Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Django Unchained
I was invited to participate in a Tarantino art show over the summer and opted to illustrate my favorite Tarantino character, Django Freeman. I then wanted to expand further and follow the style of Mary Blair (It's a Small World). I had imagined the contrast between cute and dangerous would be amazing!
Modern Pirate
This was my 2nd attempt at this concept. I knew there was more I could do to make it better. The idea was simple, yet complex, so I knew the illustration had to be the same.
Space Monster Kill Squad
As a longtime resident of New Mexico, our state is surrounded by a vast history of "close encounters". The challenge given to me was under the theme of "Outer Space". I wanted to evoke a sense of vintage advertising goodness but make it more exciting by giving the spaceman a job to do. That job was to patrol the universe for space monsters and exterminate them.
Underdog and Shoeshine Boy
I designed this illustration for the classic show "Underdog". I wanted to do more than just show the character flying through the sky. I researched the character deeper and found his alter persona, Shoeshine Boy. From there it was simply a matter of mashing the two personalities together.
A1A Car Wash (Breaking Bad)
I designed this for the first annual Breaking Bad convention in Albuquerque, NM. I have driven past this crazy looking building many times and it has always stood out as one of the best characters of the hit show.
Playground Sports, Vol. 1
I developed these designs as a series of patches. I figured there were enough patches for the serious sports like football, baseball, etc. I felt that the underdog sports needed some love and so I thought back to my childhood and what made my recess the special time that it was.
A boy, his dog & his kite
Designed this for the Charles Schulz museum and Peanuts as part of a Threadless competition. I decided to not simply redraw the characters, a tactic that 99% of the other artists were using. To make myself stand out I chose to focus on the material items instead. These were the items I decided stood out amongst the rest as very important to the series.
Great White Bite
This design continues to be one of my favorites I've created. It began as an exploration into the minimalism of a shark's open mouth and shape. I wanted to take the concept further and base it on one of my favorite films, Jaws. How does one truly show the power of the massive shark in Jaws? My answer was, proportion.
The Hoover Dam
I had this completely weird idea/pun that I was determined to make into a classic illustration. This is version 4 and still, to date, the most popular version.
Life is a Highway
I was honestly surprised that nobody had ever developed this idea before. To me, those lyrics were just calling for a pun to be created.
Double Felix
This is one of my all-time favorite designs of mine, the thought was sitting in my sketchbook for over a year as just "Double Felix"... Somehow I knew I had to develop it into a visual creation. This is the result of that.
Based on the hit cult classic, Robocop. I tried to keep this style very minimalistic and simple and I believe it turned out quite well.
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
I designed this for an event where Ernie Hudson was the guest. From what I'd heard, he quite enjoyed this one.
Fight & Bite: The Simpsons
Designed this as a shirt illustration for Fox's The Simpsons and their official product line. The project was managed by Threadless.
The Cabin in the Woods
I designed this for Gallery1988's Joss Whedon show. Based on the movie, The Cabin in the Woods.
Paper Mâchéte
One of my classic illustrations using simple wordplay.
Bottle Rocket
I'd had this idea for a long time before I first started developing it. It was simple wordplay. It was a simple pun. For me it was a challenge. This is my first version, a little more serious and less cartoony of a style.
A silly pun concept taken to an amazingly clever level.
World Record
I designed this based on a simple idea of a pun and wanted to see how far I could take it and how greatly I could perfect it.
I loved the concept of this design, I was tasked with creating an illustration under the theme of "Board Games" and I knew there was something funny I could do about that classic game, Sorry!
Surprised Heroes Series
Designed this series based on the idea of seeing all your favorite comic book heroes just looking surprised... I stayed with the same exact head shape which made some characters look more dynamic... made others look dumb but you have to take the good with the bad.
Road to the Big City
Designed for Threadless to illustrate the draw of the open road and moving to a new city. I tried to have some fun with the idea by illustrating the luggage as buildings, as if you could bring your old life with you.
Hitman: Agent 47 Poster
Designed this for Twentieth Century Fox Motion Pictures for their film, "Hitman: Agent 47". I loved this project because they gave me creative freedom. The star of the movie, Rupert Friend, posted about my design calling it "Another Blinder of a Poster" and an "homage to Saul Bass".
Heart Like War Album Cover
The band wanted a design incorporating a trailer and a rocket
Breaking Bad RV
I designed this for a series of bumper stickers promoting Albuquerque.